About Our Store

Silktown Soap Co. is a small family owned and run business in North West England.

We offer 100% natural handmade soaps, all made in small batches from our studio located in our home in Macclesfield, Cheshire. Silktown Soap Co. was created and is run by Julie Dawn Brocklehurst with the help of other family members, including two dogs and several chickens. 

We are passionate about what we do and only use ingredients created by nature. Being a zero-waste company, we always reuse or recycle whenever possible and we do not use any plastic in our packaging.

Our company name is based around the history of our founders surname - Brocklehurst - and the town we live in.

Macclesfield was once a famous producer of silk in the late 1600's and the largest mill was owned by the Brocklehurst family. Although not related to the empire of the Brocklehurst family, we take pride in sharing part of the towns history and wanted to reflect this in our brand.

Sadly since the creation of plastics and the chemicals they produce, natural resources like silk and natural products are not used as much in manufacturing and in our homes.

Here at Silktown Soap Co. we want to make a difference.

Buy our products for Guilt Free Beauty, help us save the planet and...