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Soap saver bag - Prefilled

Soap saver bag - Prefilled

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Handmade bar saver bag - Prefilled

Eco-friendly soap saver bag
Prefilled with soap ends and scraps

For all solid bars including full size and scraps
Perfect for in the bathroom or shower room

We prefilled these handmade bar saver bags with all of the scrap ends of soap loaves  from our production process. This helps us be a zero waste company. You can refill these handmade bar saver bags with your own soap afterwards and use every last bit of your handmade bars and stop throwing away scraps - pop them in this handmade bar saver bag and start saving money. When you have finsihed using it int the bath. or shower, simply hang the handmade bar saver bag up to dry over the tap or shower head and it will be ready to use next time. 

  • Creates masses more lather!
  • Zero Waste
  • No more messy, soggy soap scum.
  • Made from bio-degradable sisal
  • Use as a natural exfoliator too for your body!
  • Use every last bit of our handmade bars - value for money!

Why choose our handmade bar saver bag?

This eco-friendly skin care accessory is made from natural sustainable plant fibres and  is gentle on even the most sensitive skin when used as an exfoliator, they also create more lather when compared to using just the bar alone. Environmentally friendly, free from pollutants and plastic. This eco-friendly skin care accessory is a wonderful natural product that is easily recyclable when no longer needed. 

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Free from pollutants and plastic
  • Disposable at home in your compost bin.

These handmade bar saver bags come from a renewable, sustainable source, which means you do not have to feel guilty about buying these products. Designed to be replaced when they reach the end of their useable life, these handmade bar saver bags not only look good (no more soggy soap scum) but they are great for the environment as there is less waste going to landfill.

Why choose Silktown Soap Company?

Our handmade bar saver bag is sourced from ethical suppliers and is made from a plant called sisal, it can be easily be recycled at home. You can trust us to deliver botanical handmade products and ethical accessories that are safe for you, your family and the environment. Sent from our studio in the leafy suburbs of Macclesfield, Cheshire to your home.

Where can our handmade bar saver bag be used?

This handmade bar saver bag can be used in the shower or bath. Hang it up for best results from the tap or shower head. It can also be used on your body as an effective exfoliator. Pop your favourite Silktown Soap Company handmade bar inside and tighten the toggle, run under warm water to create a lovely lather and enjoy its gentle exfoliating effect.

We hope you like these handmade bar saver bag and do use them with your handmade soap bars - we think our bars deserve them!

*the current labels say 50g - this has now changed and the handmade bar saver bag will be filled to capacity!

You can buy an empty handmade bar saver bag here*


Silktown Soap Company zero waste soap pouch
A great way to use every last bit of soap. Simply wet the filled soap pouch and use to lather and gently scrub your skin.

Never waste soap again.

Size 10cm x 13cm
Approx 120g soap


Please individual product pages for soap properties and ingredients.


wet the pouch and rub between hands or directly on skin.
Hang to dry when not in use

Do not allow to sit in water


Incorrect use may cause your soap to deteriorate.
check ingredients for allergens

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