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Cedarwood and Stout - natural vegan soap

Cedarwood and Stout - natural vegan soap

Cedarwood and Stout - natural vegan soap

Handcrafted natural vegan soap

Perfect for all skin types

Perfect for mature skin and the man in your life

Smells of - cedarwood and bergamot

Experience woody aromas with Cedarwood and Stout natural vegan soap containing real beer. Did you know that the hops in beer contain skin-softening amino acids that help soothe irritation? This soap also has vitamin B and other essential vitamins that help to nourish the skin deeply.

  • Soothing and caring handmade natural vegan soap.
  • Activated charcoal absorbs and draws oil and impurities from the skin.
  • Our in-house essential oil blend helps to reduce bacteria and remove stubborn acne.
  • Gentle exfoliation from kaolin clay gently removes dead skin cells.
  • Stout, known for its cleansing properties, helps dissolve dead skin cells and promotes skin elasticity.

Why choose Cedarwood and Stout natural vegan soap?

Cedarwood and Stout natural vegan soap is unlike soap available on the high street, it offers a unique blend of essential oils that appeal to those of us who dislike florals. It’s a great bar to get the men in the family using a more eco-friendly natural vegan soap in the shower. There's no plastic bottles cluttering the shower with this bar of natural vegan soap!

Silktown Soap Company what we stand for

Why choose Silktown Soap Company soap?

Our natural vegan soap does not use palm oil, synthetic fragrance or artificial colour. All our recipes are plant-based, so you can enjoy little moments of botanical-infused goodness and then get on with your day. You can trust us to deliver botanical handmade products that are safe for you, your family and the environment.

Where can Cedarwood and Stout natural vegan soap be used?

This natural vegan soap is suitable for your hands, face and body.


Handmade in the UK using natural high-quality plant based ingredients. 

Simply packaged in paper

Net weight approx. 118g

Size approx. 7cm 7cm x 2.5cm

Our soaps are handmade in small batches so size, shape, colour and design may vary from bar to bar due to the nature of natural ingredients.

All packaging can be recycled



sodium olivate (olive oil), sodium cocoate (coconut oil), sodium cocoa butterate (cocoa butter), sodium shea butterate (shea butter), sodium ricebranate (rice bran oil), sodium castorate (castor oil), aqua, beer, *glycerin, kaolin (white) clay, parfum (essential oil blend) charcoal powder,

*citral, *linalool, *limonene, *farnesol, *benzyl benzoate, *benzyl salicylate,

*naturally occurring


To use your natural vegan soap, wet your hands and soap under running water and then rub the bar between your hands. Build up a luxurious lather then simply wash all over your body with the lather and rinse.
Keeping your soap dry in a self draining soap dish between uses will help to stop it going soggy, kill any bacteria and prolong its life. 


For external use only.
Avoid contact with the eyes.
If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use.
Avoid in case of known allergy to listed ingredients.
Keep dry when not in use to prolong life of the bar and do not allow to sit in water.

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Smells great & is long lasting