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A shocking blow for the High Street! silktown soap company

A shocking blow for the High Street!

The Body Shop goes into administration in UK

I'm sure you've heard the news in the last week about the much loved high street cosmetic company going into administration less than three months after it was taken over by a private equity company. The pioneering chain of stores that graced the high street of most towns in the UK was a popular haunt for many teenagers in the 1980's and 90's - who hasn't doused themselves in White Musk eau de toilette and do you remember Dewberry? Today they have amassed a huge cohort of devoted customers mainly in the older bracket as teenagers today prefer cheaper, trendier brands that maybe aren't so bothered about the environment.

Today The Body Shop is facing a crisis. Its new owner - the third in seven years - has taken the drastic decision to place the UK side of the business into administration in a bid to save its sinking ship. Some speculate that this was the plan all along starting with the newer branch of the business Body Shop at Home.

The impending close of The Body Shop's UK stores has left many people shocked and upset, what are their loyal customers to do now?

Dame Anita Roddick started The Body Shop from a single shop in Brighton in 1976, inspired by natural ingredients she had seen on her travels overseas, such as cocoa butter. The Body Shop was one of the first shops in the UK to encourage its customers to recycle and reuse containers and was a well-known promoter of ethical business practices and ethical sustainable ingredients. Over the years the business model of The Body Shop has changed dramatically and some recipes also changed much to the dislike of its customers - was this the beginning of its downfall? 

It's too late to save this iconic store, so where do their customers go now?

We can help!

We may not be as big as The Body Shop or other High street stores but our values are the same as Dame Anita Roddick's were when she began her journey. Afterall, we all have to start somewhere!

We our committed to providing ethical, sustainable natural skin and haircare products. Everything we make and sell in vegan, plastic-free, palm-free and only contains natural ingredients. Take a look at our range and if you need any advice just ask.

Although we cannot give medical advice we can point you in the direction of one of our products that may help you.

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