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Did you catch Inside the Factory this week?

Gregg Wallace visits the colourful and fragrant Lush factory in Dorset to learn how an astonishing 14 million bath bombs are produced every year.

We aren't up to that staggering quantity of manufacturing and it's a good watch if you want to know about some of the ingredients in their popular bath products.


Did you know that Lush started as a little mail order company called Cosmetics To Go?

I loved ordering from them and was a fan of all their products -  I even bought the T-shirt! The joy of receiving their parcels with all the hidden extras in amongst the products and the cheerful packaging and all the fun stickers really was a joy.

Eventually they evolved into what we now know as Lush and the products still bring joy to bath product lovers all over the world.

I know that Silktown Soap is only a small handmade business but, I still aim to build the business and continue to provide ethical, quality bathing products that are suitable for everyone without causing harm to us or the environment.

Do I want my company to be as big as Lush? Maybe

Will I compromise on my core values and ethics to get there? Never

Cosmetics To Go was my first encounter with handmade products many years ago and they inspired me to bring bathing joy to other people. I may do things a little differently by not using the bright colours or synthetic fragrances but this does not mean my products are inferior - if anything I believe they are better, why?

Simply because they are as natural as possible without using harmful or unethical ingredients. 

So, next time you walk past a large bath product store in the city centre, Just remember you can support a local maker right here on your doorstep and you will not be compromising on quality.

And , if you have already purchased from me, thank you from the bottom of my heart, your purchase really does mean the world to me.




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