Is it ethical or sustainable?

Is it ethical or sustainable?

Recently, there has been controversy with soy wax and the impact it has on the environment as manufacturers try to keep up with demand.

Just remember, just because something is plant based it may not be good for you or the planet!

Put simply, there’s a lot to take into consideration when searching for ingredients for our products, a lot more than just what they’re made from. We want to highlight the importance of constantly questioning things. If you're buying anything for its Eco-credentials, you should see what information the supplier provides. Simply saying Eco-friendly isn't enough, neither is assuming something is, just because at the very basic level, it's derived from a plant.

Palm oil and Soy wax are just two examples of plant derived ingredients that are both popular in natural eco-friendly products. We do not use either of these in our products and the reasons why are simply because their production, manufacture and use has a much larger negative impact on the planet than a positive one.

Soy and palm oil production has grown tenfold in the last 50 years, and they can both be found in hundreds or household products from candles, soaps and lipsticks to peanut butter, pizzas and ice cream. Why? simply because they are cheap to produce and the profit margins are huge for big the companies.

But whilst we inadvertently line the pockets of the big corporations, the cost to humankind, overall is far greater and sadly the some of effects can be irreversible.

Did you know that vast amounts of rainforests are destroyed to grow these quick cash producing plants? Our planet is suffering as a consequence of mans greed.

My local supermarket chain recently cut down a large section of trees and undergrowth along a busy carriageway. The impact was immediate! the noise level increased, the pollution has rocketed and birds and wildlife are now struggling to survive in the area. Needless to say they have promised to replant in the next month. But this should not have happened in the first place, whats wrong with looking at trees and bushes? Must everything in sight be manmade?

Some extra information can be found in this short video.

As a company, Silktown Soap Company only buy from trustworthy reputable suppliers who share our brand ethos. And going forward, as a company, we will continue to be ethical and will not support any individuals, big producers or small companies that do not share our ethics.

Please take a moment to watch the following powerful video about the damage man is doing to the planet.

And please, next time you go to a local craft fair or market, ask the traders about their products and ingredients and where they source them.

We plant a tree with every order received!

Dawn From silktown soap company

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