Why should my soap be vegan?

Why should my soap be vegan?

Have you ever wondered why your soap should be vegan?

Well, the short answer is it doesn't need to be. But let us tell you why we think it should be.

Here at the Silktown Soap Company, we think ethical and sustainable values should be our top priority. Therefore, to enable us to do this, we aim to only use plant-based materials in our products.

Growing numbers of people are turning to healthier diets and lifestyles. Plants are becoming more important to us. We are now consciously thinking about where our ingredients come from and the costs involved in obtaining them. Lockdown has seen a rise in the number of people now growing their own food. 

Plants are amazing. They provide us with nutrients, medical and therapeutic benefits. Valuable medicine such as Aspirin, morphine and chemotherapy treatments, are produced from plants. Without them, we wouldn't be able to fight some of humankind's biggest killers. Pretty cool, right?

As a company, we don't feel the need to use animal milk, honey or any other animal by-product in our products. Simply because we don't need to. We do not use palm oil as it is mass-produced and valuable parts of our rainforests are destroyed to accommodate its cultivation. We also do not use soy wax as this too, is now becoming a mass-produced product causing negative effects on the environment.

We also do not use any plastic in our business and only use recyclable packaging.

For us been a vegan, sustainable and ethical company, also means we do not use any artificial colours or synthetic fragrances in our products.

Our products are all as natural as possible. So that’s why we think soap should be vegan.

Why not have a look at our range and try some handmade soap today.

Guilt free beauty! 

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